Volunteer fire brigades Koberice

Welcome to the official website of the volunteer fire brigade Koberice. The village Koberice is in the Moravian-Silesian region and has more than 3200 residents.

Deployment Team

The deployment team belongs in the category JPO II, which means that has only voluntary members. (In case of alarm, the team has to leave the base until 10 minutes from the alarm). The fire alarm is using Alarm siren and SMS announced.

The team has two fire brigade vehicles, a water tender CAS 8 AVIA A31 and vans AVIA A21F available.

The deployment team has 25 members, of which 12 breathing apparatus carriers.

Firemen Association

The Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1898 to help the citizens in firefighting. Also the stretchable hand fire engine was purchased after the foundation.

The volunteer fire brigade is a citizens' association and has 90 members. There are 30 youngsters who are under 18 age.

The association participates in the professional preparation of the deployment team members on the training, education and youth culture care in the village.

Youth Fire Department

The Volunteer Fire Department also maintains the youth education. At the moment there is a team of young people aged under 15 age, a girls team to 18 age and a boy's team to 18 age. Our 4 qualified leaders have the required investments.


Start - News and the recent deployments


Team - description and the members

Fireman Association - Members of the Committee and the Audit Commission

Youth - information on year-round activities

Gallery - photography from training

Fire prevention - safety tips for residents


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